Classic Photo Information


You can request a photo set of any Classic Ride Day at Lakeside Park or Queensland Raceway. When you request a photo set you will be offered the opportunity to buy a set of at least 10 and a maximum (usually) of 15 photographs. You will be informed how many photos there are prior to purchase. We shoot from five different locations around the track for every Classic Ride Day and attempt to get enough shots to create a set for every rider in every group on the day. The photographs are high resolution and will print easily to A3 size. You can use the form to find out if there is a set of your ride day on a particular date without any obligation to purchase.

How much does a set cost?

$45 per set which can be received as a digital download.

$60 per set loaded onto a USB and sent to your address via Australia Post

How many photos in a set?

Each set contains a minimum of ten and a maximum of fifteen high resolution photos. We always aim for fifteen but there are circumstances that sometimes prevent this happening. These include:

  • The rider did not take to the track in at least four sessions. It means there will be fewer shots to make up the set. It may still be twenty but the chances reduce with very session not ridden.
  • Weather or track conditions prevent the running of all sessions.
  • The rider is often mixed in with a bunch of riders on track that makes it difficult to get shots of all riders in that group.
  • You are riding in very close proximity to a rider who has prepaid for a package. I will always give preference to prepaid riders to ensure they get the best possible set.

If the set falls short of the required number you will be informed and have the option of buying the smaller set at a reduced price.

Do you provide samples?

After you have requested a set and we have assembled it we will email you with one sample (watermarked) from the set to confirm the correct rider/bike and give you an idea of the quality of images you may buy if you still wish to do so. I do not prepare samples of all photos in the set. The reason being that a track day may result in up to 9000 photos being taken on the day. It is just too time consuming to prepare samples of all photos for all potential customers. Random samples from recent classic track days can be viewed on other pages on this web site to give you an idea of the quality of photographs provided.

How do I make payment?

After you request a photo set you will receive an email telling you how many photos are in your set, the cost should you wish to purchase and will provide three payment options: Bank transfer, Phonepay or via Paypal.

How are the photo sets delivered?

DROPBOX - If you purchase your set as a digital download you will be sent an email when your payment is received. The email will contain a link to my online Dropbox folder. Dropbox is a secure cloud data storage system. By clicking on the link you will be able to view and download your photographs. The link remains active for seven days from the date of purchase.

USB STICK - If you choose this option your photos will be loaded onto a new 16Gb USB Thumb Drive and mailed to the address you supply when you you purchased the set.

NOTE: The link will not be emailed (or USB stick mailed) until such time as payment has been received or proof of payment has been received. For bank transfer this means a copy of the transfer receipt as without this the link will not be emailed until funds have been received into my account. Paying via Paypal results in an almost immediate automatic notification to me that the payment has occurred.

The photos are not high resolution??

This is usually because you copied the photos from Dropbox rather than downloaded them. There is an option showing top right of the dropbox page to download the images. The resultant downloaded images will have a file size of 6Mb - 12Mb each.


  • The photographer is not responsible for your riding style.
  • The photographer will not tell you how to ride and you will not tell the photographer how to take photos.

Image Licence Terms

In return for your payment, we grant you a license to certain rights of copyright in the enclosed electronic image.

Under this license, you are authorised to do the following things, and no other things:
* make copies of the image;
* distribute copies of the image; and
* use part of the image to make derivative works,

* you exercise these rights only for personal and non-commercial purposes - including that the image must not be used as a trademark and derivative works must not be commercially exploited;
* you always attribute any copy of the whole image as follows: "(C) CollieGeorgePix, used under license"; and any derivative work must include that attribution;
* you do not use the work in a derogatory way; and
* you do not otherwise infringe the copyright in the image.

This license is:
* periodic license fee-free - no ongoing payments;
* worldwide - no territorial restrictions;
* ongoing but revocable - continues indefinitely, but we may revoke it and will notify you if we do revoke it;
* non-exclusive - we can grant the same rights to others; and
* non-sub-licensable & non-assignable - you cannot grant or transfer your license rights to any other person.

A reference to "image" in these license terms means part or all of the image.